Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator

JOB SUMMARY: A member of the hospice team and is responsible for the spiritual aspects of the hospice program. While the principal role of the spiritual care coordinator is to provide spiritual care as requested and/or deemed appropriate through the patient’s religious affiliation, it may be determined by the hospice team that direct spiritual services should be included in the care plan. In such instances, the Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator shall provide such spiritual care at the invitation of the patient or primary caregiver, in consultation with the hospice team.

REPORTS TO: Hospice Program Manager

QUALIFICATIONS: The Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator should be a graduate of an accredited seminary or school of theology (B.D., M.Div. or equivalent theological degree), or have a degree in counseling, or equivalent experience to serve the residents of the hospice area. He/she should also have experience working with death and dying, the grieving process, and in utilizing community resources.


  • Knowledge of VNA/Hospice mission, philosophy, policies and programs
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate with other disciplines and integrate related services into clinical implementation
  • Good listening skills
  • Display sensitivity and empathy towards individuals and their families coping with end of life
  • Possesses a multicultural understanding and the ability to accept the many spiritual paths, lifestyles, beliefs, and values of individuals
  • Displays the ability to network with community clergy and congregations
  • Compliance with accepted professional standards and practices


  • Participates in weekly or biweekly, as appropriate, hospice team meetings and communicates complete and accurate information to all team disciplines.
  • Acts as a liaison between the hospice team and the client’s clergy person
  • Arranges clergy contact for clients who express the need for same but who are not already associated with a specific church/clergy person
  • Visits patients / families as needed
  • Assists in developing policies for the hospice spiritual counseling activities
  • Participates in the volunteer training program
  • Reviews and evaluates the spiritual aspects of the plan of care and makes appropriate recommendations
  • Documents all spiritual care provided following established hospice protocol
  • Works with staff, clergy and community groups to enhance their sensitivity to the spiritual concerns of patients / families experiencing terminal illness and loss
  • Acts as a resource for all team members and assists in their understanding of significant spiritual factors as related to the care of terminally ill patients and their families
  • Assists families in the planning and conducting of memorial services as requested
  • Works collaboratively with the bereavement support team, as needed, to transition family members to grief support services
  • Participates in Hospice Interfaith Memorial Service(s)